Indoor living wall installation by Beneva Plantscapes

Epic Living Walls and Plant Frames

Vertical garden systems – those living green walls you see in interior design magazines or gracing the exterior of your favorite cutting-edge restaurant – aren’t just for looks. This unique architectural feature provides more practical benefits than you may think, positively impacting everyone from dementia patients to elementary school students and even influencing the future of agriculture (Horticulture Week notes that the UK is already considering how walls might contribute to their food supply).

Here in Sarasota, Selby Gardens plans to incorporate living walls in their ten-year, $67 million transformation, an addition that follows a city-wide trend of restaurants, businesses, hotels, homes and more greening up their vertical spaces.

Deck The Halls for Your Special Corporate Events

Tis the season for corporate events – holiday parties, New Year’s get-togethers, festive dinners – all designed to let your employees, colleagues and customers know how much you appreciate them. Many event venues, halls, and restaurants will already have decorations up for the holidays, so here are just a few extra ideas that will make your party special for those attending.

corporate event

Poinsettia Care Through the Holidays and Beyond

poinsettia care
If you have poinsettias decorating your home, retail store, or corporate environment, you will want to keep them looking festive and fresh all season long, right into the New Year. You may even be motivated to keep the flowers alive until next season, which is certainly possible. In order to care for your poinsettias now and well into the future, Beneva Plantscapes would like to offer some easy tips.

Did You Know? The vivid, colorful “flowers” of the poinsettia are actually its leaves, called bracts. The true flower is the yellow cluster in the center. When researching poinsettia care, any reference to the bracts means the large red, white or pink leaves.