Can Plantscapes Improve Your Ratings?

Beneva Plantscapes works closely with many companies locally that are in the hospitality industry. We introduce plant walls or live plants all over that accommodate the standard for great ratings. Regardless of whether the area is a hotel, restaurant, or a business with clientele, indoor plants and blooms can emphatically influence the experience. There have…

Indoor living wall installation by Beneva Plantscapes

Epic Living Walls and Plant Frames

Vertical garden systems – those living green walls you see in interior design magazines or gracing the exterior of your favorite cutting-edge restaurant – aren’t just for looks. This unique architectural feature provides more practical benefits than you may think, positively impacting everyone from dementia patients to elementary school students and even influencing the future of agriculture (Horticulture Week notes that the UK is already considering how walls might contribute to their food supply).

Here in Sarasota, Selby Gardens plans to incorporate living walls in their ten-year, $67 million transformation, an addition that follows a city-wide trend of restaurants, businesses, hotels, homes and more greening up their vertical spaces.

Living Plants Infuse Natural Element into Sarasota New Construction

Sarasota is a town enjoying its popularity. Always known for its beautiful beaches and charming downtown, we have now been discovered for arts, culture, dining, and much more. The sleepy little beach town has grown up, and the latest wave of new construction downtown is evidence of its appeal. In the last three years alone, nearly 1,300 hotel rooms have been added within a few city blocks of Main Street. Touting trendy names such as Aloft Hotel, Sarasota Quay and Sarasota Modern, this new wave of accommodations is state of the art, and a perfect fit for the natural paradise which surrounds our town.

Bringing the Outdoors In – Large Scale Interior Design

interior plants

Studies show that when plants are a part of the interior landscape – in shopping centers, hotels, office buildings, banks and airports – there are tangible benefits that affect not only employees but visitors and customers. In fact, no other single element of your design can result in so much positive impact in large scale commercial installations. At Beneva Plantscapes, we have a legacy of providing our clients with the highest standard of quality, designing aesthetically beautiful interiors in Sarasota and across the state.

In addition to being beautiful, large-scale plant installations are often functional in nature. They can help to guide pedestrian traffic, provide privacy barriers, subdivide sections of an office, reduce direct sunlight and/or glare, and even block undesirable views. Here are some additional reasons you may wish to bring the outdoors in with plants, trees, and flowers from Beneva Plantscapes.